Adding a deck is crucial decision for any homeowner. This is because of the many benefits that a deck adds to your property. Some of the benefits you get from a deck include; it raises the home value, enhances the curb appeal, provides extra space where you can do many different things, and also that a deck is an affordable and worth investment for your home.
With this in mind therefore it is important to higher the services of a deck builder and not just any but the best in the region. So how do you go about hiring a deck builder? Here are some top questions to ask when qualifying a deck builder which will help you settle for the best.

What’s your specialty?

Many deck builders specialize in using one material or the other which is why you should get to know how experienced they are in installing a deck with your preferred material.

Do you use employees or subcontractors?

It is best to hire a company that has employees rather than those that subcontract their work. Subcontractors when given the work tend to do it in their own way but employees working for the company will always deliver what you want.

What is your warranty?

You should consider hiring a contractor that offers warranties not only on the products used but also on their workmanship. A competent company will always stand behind their work.

How long have you been in business?

Creating decks is not an easy task, therefore, experience is important. Asking how long a business has been operating for will also tell you whether the company is legit or not. Unscrupulous contractors do not last for long. Also, an established company has the required resources, equipment and manpower to handle your project with ease.

How long will the project take and when can you start?

It is important to have a timeline in mind for when the project should be completed. This will help you plan yourself. It is also important to know this so you can discuss any deadlines you might have with them.

How much is the deposit?

Most deck builders charge a deposit to facilitate a purchase of materials and other small costs. The deposit should be anywhere from 10% to 30% but should not be more than that.

Do you have insurance?

As a homeowner, you feel safeguarded when the contractor has insurance. The insurance covers the employees in case of an eventuality when handling your project. It also covers any damages that may happen to your property when the contractor is working. Ask the deck builder to show you proof of insurance.

Do you have any references I can contact?

Ask whether the company has any references that you can contact to gather more information about working with the company. A reputable deck builder should be able to give you a number of references that would not mind been contacted by potential customers.

Nobody minds giving a good review where they have had a good experience and are happy with what has been done.

What makes you unique?

There are many companies in the region so what makes this one really unique. A good company should give you a reason that really resonates with what you need.

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