We are skilled patio builders and we help our customers all over Columbus to get beautiful patios at affordable prices.

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Our professionals are skilled at constructing and installing high quality patios. We only deliver quality patios for our clients. Usually when we get our customers, most of them an idea of what they want their patio to be like or where they want it situated.

We listen to your needs and work tirelessly to ensure that we provide what you really want. There are instances when the customer just wants us to provide the designs for them which we also do. We have a team of designers that will provide stunning designs for your patio which will suit help you make use of more outdoor space.

Our patio designs are also well suited to the design of your home for a complimenting and seamless beautiful finish.

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Why Choose Decks Of Columbus

We believe that the ideas for building a patio are limitless which is why as professional patio builders we allow our clients to go wild with designs. We can create any design that you have in mind. We believe in providing nothing but the quality and therefore the materials we use are the best in the market.

We use a variety of materials for building the patio depending on the needs of the customers but flagstones have become a favorite for many. When properly installed over concrete the flagstones can last for really long. They are low maintenance and when the right colors are chosen they really add elegance and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Ready To Build The Patio Of Your Dreams?

Patio building is a hot trend in Columbus because the outdoors here are just amazing. Most homeowners, therefore, want to be able to enjoy the outdoors when at home which is what you can achieve with a patio. If you are looking for a patio builder that can give you the desired results then you should consider us.

Our team of Columbus Patio Builders are experienced in building patios. They keep abreast with the latest trends in patios designs and materials to ensure that they provide nothing but the best for our customers. We respond immediately when called and within no time your project will have taken off. Since we are highly equipped and well-staffed you can be sure the project will be completed in the least time possible.

We thrive as custom patio builders because our designers have a knack for creating amazing patio designs for you. We take all the necessary factors into consideration before the design so that when completed the patio is highly functional, well organized and beautiful.

Our designers have the relevant experience and can, therefore, help correct any design flaws you might have with your patio. We will advise you on which materials to use where to achieve a unique and special design for you. Everyone wants to add a personal touch to their patios and with our designers, you can achieve just that.

We will create a patio that you will feel attached to and want to use more to enjoy the outdoors in Columbus. All our projects are custom made to meet the customer’s needs and budget.

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