How do you get the best deck builder builders Columbus to work for your project? It is as simple as getting in touch with Decks Of Columbus.

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Need A Custom Deck Built?

Imagine sitting outside on a deck after a long day of work, slowly sipping on your favorite drinks as you watch your kids play around with their friends. This is a dream that many homeowners have had. With a professional deck builder your dream can become reality. We offer deck building services in the Columbus region.

We have been in the business for a long time now and are experienced and licensed to offer the services in the region. More so we are insured and bonded meaning that your investment is secured when you work with us.

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Why Choose Decks Of Columbus

As custom deck builders in Columbus, we treat all our projects uniquely. We are known for creating beautiful custom decks that add the desired curb appeal to your property. Our professionals will give you ideas that you might not have considered for the project.

They are highly knowledgeable and experienced with custom deck building because it is what we do every day. We can quickly give you the custom deck that you have been longing for. With our decks you will be able to take complete advantage of your real estate regardless of the topography it has. Our custom decks can be built on hilly as well as flat land.

Ready To Build The Deck Of Your Dreams?

Are you looking for the best deck builder in Columbus? Of course, you are which is why we continue offering the highest quality services to our customers all through Columbus. We mainly build decks using three types of materials, composite or vinyl, hardwood and softwood.

Softwood is the least expensive of the three because of the limitations it has in longevity. It also requires regular maintenance to ensure that it can last for long. Composite decks have the best longevity and they also require very little to no maintenance.

Composites are made using different materials, usually plastics and wood fiber or flour. Composite decks can last really long without compromising the wooden look. They are water resistant and not susceptible to rotting and mildew formation which is prevalent in some wooden decks.

Composite decks will not require sealants and hosing the surface with water leaves it sparkling clean. Soft wood on the other hand requires a lot of maintenance from regular sealing to treatments to ensure it doesn’t get attacked by pests or get water damage. Hardwoods like composites are durable and low maintenance.

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